Project deliverables

R = report
P = prototype

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No.DateDeliverable titleWork packageType
D1.1September 30, 1999 Application and User Behaviour CharacterisationWP1R
D1.2September 30, 1999 Knowledge Based User Behaviour ModellingWP1R
D1.3September 30, 1999 Generation of User ProfilesWP1R
D2.1March 31, 1999 Terrestrial Network CharacteristicsWP2R
D2.2March 31, 1999 GEO Satellite Network CharacteristicsWP2R
D2.3August 4, 1999 LEO Satellite Network CharacteristicsWP2R
D2.4September 30, 1999 Mobile Network CharacteristicsWP2R
D3.1T0 + 15Specification of simulation model and engineWP3R, P
D3.2T0 + 15Users Profile and Workload GeneratorWP3P
D3.3T0 + 18Interim simulation prototypeWP3P
D3.4T0 + 21Final simulation prototypeWP3P
D4.1T0 + 18Specification of experimentsWP4R
D4.2T0 + 21Interim simulation resultsWP4R
D4.3T0 + 24Final simulation resultsWP4R
D5.1T0 + 12Survey of related activitiesWP5R
D5.2T0 + 12First specifications for a commercial productWP5R
D5.3T0 + 24Network Engineering Exploitation PlanWP5R
D5.4T0 + 24Final specifications for a commercial productWP5R
D5.5T0 + 24Project promotionsWP5R
D6.1T0 + 12Annual Review Reports, Annual Progress ReportWP6R
D6.2T0 + 24Final Project ReportWP6R

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