Work packages

WP1: Application characteristics and users' behaviour modelling

WP1 aims to identify application characteristics and user behaviour in order to combine them to a user profile. The model will describe application characteristics and user behaviour in an extensible and adaptable way, thus future classes of applications and user behavior can be included easily. To address the problem of model complexity, the approach will be hierarchical, i.e. the analyst can work at different levels of detail. The level of detail chosen will be a trade-off between the desired accuracy of model results and the limitation given by model complexity. Finally, the model will be under permanent validation by the end user to ensure relevance and completeness.

public deliverables available

WP2: Network Modelling

WP2 will identify all the important terrestrial and satellite network characteristics which have impact on the user traffic and which will be used for modelling purposes. Surrey, with its experience in network modelling, is leading here and will provide, from the start, the know-how on specifying the satellite network characteristics. INT, with its experience on terrestrial networks, will identify the terrestrial network characteristics which have impact on user traffic. There are many possible satellite architectures for GEO and LEO satellite networks. WP2 will select some of the scenarios, which will be simulated in WP3. The modelling of GEO and LEO satellite networks will be carried out by Surrey. Both Solinet and Vienna will contribute on the influences of mobility on traffic characteristics.

public deliverables available

WP3: Simulation Prototype

WP3 will implement both traffic and network simulators and then integrate them. In order to adapt to the rapid changes in network technologies and applications the final simulation prototype will be developed in two steps. First more than one interim prototype model will be implemented. Than the most accurate prototype model will be further developed.

WP4: Experiment and Validation

WP 4 will specify the experiments which will be carried out to asses the accuracy of the simulation model prototypes. The interim simulation measurement results from the interim simulation prototypes and the testbed will be compared to chose the most accurate simulation prototype. Then measurements will be carried out on the selected simulation prototype, which will be optimised.

WP5: Exploitation and dissemination

WP5 deals with the exploitation of Bisante developments in the market place by each individual partner. First market assessment will be carried out to assess the potential customers involved in technologies close to Bisante. Then a commercial product will be developed in order to fully exploit the knowledge gained through the project. Bisante developments will be included in the organisation's marketing plans. Emphasis will be on promoting the Bisante results to the scientific community through conference and workshop presentations and to business associations through specialised invited promotional events.

WP6: Project Management

Organisation and running of the following internal events: kick-off meeting, two review meetings, annual audit preparation meeting, annual audit meeting, and final meeting. Participation and contribution to the following external events: appropriate industry meetings, exhibitions, etc., external Workshops, possible conferences. Appointment of a Project Administrator within the Prime Contractor organisation. Experienced experts provided by the partners will execute the review exercise, but who are not operationally involved in the work. These individuals will constitute the Project Review Committee.


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